Aquarian Classic Clear

Aquarian Classic Clear

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10mil, Single-ply Clear Batter or Reso Head

Formed from a single ply of 10mil Nu-Brite film, the Aquarian Classic Clear drumhead makes a bold statement as both a batter and resonant head : particularly on toms. As a batter head, the Classic Clear is punchy and controlled, with a wet attack and loads of free-singing musical sustain. Used as a bottom head, the Classic Clear gently controls overring without choking your drum's natural resonance. Aquarian's patented Safe-T-Loc Hoop resists slippage, pulling, and detuning, resulting in a consistent stretch and dependable tone from gig to gig. Experience the Aquarian difference for yourself with Aquarian Classic Clear drumheads.

Aquarian Classic Clear 14" Drumhead Features:

  • Single ply of 10mil Nu-Brite film
  • Recommended as both a batter and resonant head
  • Great on toms
  • Wet, punchy attack
  • Musical sustain
  • Safe-T-Loc Hoop resists slipping, pulling, and de-tuning

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