JHS Colour Box V2

JHS Colour Box V2

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Studio-grade preamplifier, EQ, and distortion generator with multi-instrument compatibility, XLR and 1/4" I/O

The Colour Box V2 has all the same functionality of the V1 with many new and improved additions like expanded EQ controls, a Hi/Lo switch for massive clean headroom, and the ability to pass phantom power to your condenser mics.

The most significant improvements are:

• Addition of an Output transformer
• Safely Passes 48v Phantom Power
• EQ Shift Knobs for precision EQ control
• Hi/Lo Switch for ultra clean headroom
• 100% available clean signal even on acoustic guitar
• Silent switching, aka no "switch-pop"
• Runs on standard 9V DC Neg power

Dimensions: 5.7" X 3.75" X 1.85"

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