Marshall Super Lead 1959SLP
Marshall Super Lead 1959SLP

Marshall Super Lead 1959SLP

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The Marshall 1959 100 Watt Super Lead Plexiglas head of the late '60s/early '70s, as used by countless classic bands, re-issued in all its glory. To ensure tonal authenticity we searched for an amp from the period that epitomized this model. We gave this amp to our guitar playing R&D experts and they created a re-issue that was so authentic we couldn't tell them apart. The concession made to the original was to add a tonally transparent Series Effects Loop. For purists there is a true bypass switch so that the loop can be totally removed from the circuitry if desired.

Output - 100 Watts
EQ - 3 Band EQ
Pre-Amp Valves - 3x ECC83
Power Amp Valves - 4x EL34
Series FX Loop
Dimensions (mm) - 750x260x210
Weight (kg) - 20.5

Braised ribs, Chicken wings, Pulled pork! 

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