Protection Racket 12" x 8" Tom Case

Protection Racket 12" x 8" Tom Case

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Protect your hard earned drum gear with a quality case!

These amazingly strong Standard Tom Drum Cases are built to withstand the elements, perfect for toms with or without suspension mounts, and feature a tailored egg shape with a silicone label, a propile insidePropadd P2 foam, and are super light in weight.


  • 12" x 8" Tom Case with Luggage Tab
  • Fits Toms with or without Suspension Mounts
  • Propile Inside
  • Propadd P2 Foam
  • 12-Month Guarantee

Egg Shape with a Silicone Label

  • The funky "egg" shape guarantees a perfect tailored fit for toms with or without suspension mounts. It's handy for a speedy set up. To avoid the risk of drums getting lost, the main silicone label on each case clearly states the type of drum and size it's designed to carry and protect.

Propile Inside

  • Propile is a non abrasive, synthetic fleece that removes surface moisture and preserves tonal stability between gigs. It maintains instrument well being and polishes and cleans your drum in transit!

Propadd P2 Foam

  • Thanks to Propadd P2 foam, Protection Racket cases are semi-rigid and do not collapse when open and empty. This ensures easy entry and exit for your instrument. Propadd protects your drums with superior dual-density foam that's hard on the outside and soft on the inside, giving incredible strength and rigidity whilst keeping the cases very light. Its characteristics deflect and dissipate impacts so that no shock passes to the instrument during transit.

Protection Racket musical instrument cases are super light in weight and are designed, developed, and road tested by gigging musicians who appreciate exactly what's required from an instrument case. These cases provide virtually weightless transportation and effortless to use one piece construction with maximum protection. You can relax in the knowledge that all Protection Racket products carry a full 12-month guarantee.