Remo Ambassador Clear

Remo Ambassador Clear

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An Exceptionally Bright and Resonant Drumhead!

Remo's Clear Ambassador batter drumheads prove that all single-ply heads are not created equal. Made from a single layer of 10-mil Mylar, Clear Ambassador heads have the freedom and flexibility they need to fully respond to every stroke, giving them the sharp attack and full-bodied sustain you need. Clear Ambassadors are, by far, one of Remo's brightest batter heads. Their clear, open sound fits perfectly with a wide range of playing styles and musical genres. Order yours today, and discover why many pro drummers choose Remo Clear Ambassador drumheads.

Remo 14" Clear Ambassador Batter Drumhead Features:
  • Great batter drumhead for a wide range of drumming techniques and musical styles
  • Made with a single ply of 10-mil Mylar
  • Provides a bright, open, and resonant sound with excellent attack
  • Remo's brightest batter heads with the longest sustain
Revitalize your kit, with Remo Clear Ambassador batter drumheads!

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