Sonor Perfect Balance Standard Pedal, by Jojo Mayer (FLOOR MODEL)

Sonor Perfect Balance Standard Pedal, by Jojo Mayer (FLOOR MODEL)

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"The pedal that almost plays by itself." - Jojo Mayer

Additionally, to the successful Perfect Balance Signature by Jojo Mayer SONOR introduces the Perfect Balance Standard Pedal to the public on September 29th at the UK Drum Show in Manchester.

What could we add to our most successful bass drum pedal to make it even more successful? - Nothing. Simply, because the principle behind Jojo Mayer's signature pedal is "simplicity".

But what if we simplified it a little more? No sophisticated folding and clamping mechanism, no laser engraved heel plate, no high gloss polished footboard, no leather carrying bag - just the plain carefully calibrated system that optimizes the linear translations of your foot movements, the perfect balance between forward AND backward motion of the beater, a feeling like the pedal plays by itself. Almost...


Same drive philosophy and playability as the signature model

Non-foldable pillar

Independent hoop clamp

Ballistic fiber strap drive

Perfectly even pedal board

Ball bearing hinge

Nylon bag (black, white SONOR logo)