Aquarian Texture Coated Super 2

Aquarian Texture Coated Super 2

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A New Take on 2-ply Design

Aquarian's Super-2 Series Texture Coated drumheads introduce a new spin on 2-ply construction. The plies are 7- and 5-mils and deliver fantastic attack, projection, and a fat low end. The Super-2 Series also boasts multiple Aquarian technologies, such as their Safe-T-Loc hoop, which keeps the head from slipping, and the Sound Curve collar for "Responsive Tuning." Aquarian drumheads are very popular for their top quality and studio- and stage-ready sound. The Super-2 Series Texture Coated drumheads give a new sound to 2-ply.

Forward-thinking drumhead technology

Aquarian engineers their Super-2 Series Texture Coated drumheads to deliver precise attack, low-end warmth, and plenty of punch. They've achieved this by way of a 2-ply design that laminates a 7-mil ply head with a 5-mil ply head. The texture coating mellows the tone a bit while further warming the low end. The drumheads' Sound Curve collar ensures the Super-2 Series heads react quickly to a single turn of your drum key. And Aquarian's Safe-T-Loc hoop prevents slippage, maintaining stable and responsive tuning and tone.

Aquarian: building innovative drumheads since 1980

Roy Burns and Ron Marquez founded Aquarian Drumheads on the philosophy that the drummer is the most important person, and that the aspiring player is the future of their business. Prior to forming Aquarian Drumheads, Roy was a world-famous big band drummer, teacher, and clinician. Ron was a systems analyst and manufacturing plant manager. The combination of Roy's drumming experience and Ron's technology background has helped Aquarian Drumheads to develop numerous innovative products, as well as a unique scientific approach to manufacturing.

Aquarian Super-2 Coated Tom Drumhead Features:

  • Coated batter head : great for toms
  • Safe-T-Loc hoop prevents the head from slipping
  • Sound Curve collar offers "Responsive Tuning"
  • 2-ply, 7-mil and 5-mil head has a mellow and warm sound
  • Sold individually : choose your size