Emerson Pro 0203, CTS Pot, Split Shaft, 250K

Emerson Pro 0203, CTS Pot, Split Shaft, 250K

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Lower drag, tighter tolerance and smoother taper. 

Individually tested control pots for demanding pro guitarists, developed by Emerson in cooperation with CTS.


  • 8% tolerance
  • Smooth, even volume taper from 1 to 10
  • Low drag for the smoothest feel

    Why a "pro" pot? Emerson's Mitch Ingram explains: "Pro CTS pots from Emerson Custom were designed to be the premium choice for the discerning guitarist looking for optimum performance and tonal response from a guitar potentiometer. They feature a longer-life brass shaft and bushing, and a tighter ±8% resistance tolerance. Each and every Emerson Pro CTS pot is hand tested to ensure that it meets or exceeds our stated tolerances. The proprietary custom audio taper was specially designed for a very smooth and accurate response when you roll up and down on the controls. Crank your guitar up to 10 and the volume swells all the way—no abrupt flattening to choke your playing style."

    Developed by Emerson in cooperation with CTS

    • Lower drag , tight tolerance, and smoother taper
    • Proprietary custom audio taper specially designed for smooth and accurate response
    • With split shaft for fine-knurled (24-spline) knobs; 0.235" shaft diameter
    • Contains 4 pots; each pot comes with a flat washer, lock washer, and two hex mounting nuts
    • Split-shaft diameter: 0.235" (5.95mm), fine knurling
    • Thread: 3/8" x 32
    • Threaded portion height: 3/8"(9.52mm)
    • Required mounting hole diameter: 3/8" (9.52mm)