RealFeel by Evans Practice Pad
RealFeel by Evans Practice Pad

RealFeel by Evans Practice Pad

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Mountable Pad Delivers a Quiet and Realistic Response

The Evans RealFeel Mountable Pad lets you practice your chops, quietly, mounted to a stand or seated in front of the tube. Thanks to its 8mm threaded insert on the bottom, you can easily mount it to most standard cymbal stands. Plus, the RealFeel Mountable Pad's soft foam bottom means it can rest on any tabletop - or snare drum - without damaging the surface. Wherever you put it, you'll love the pad's natural gum feel, that replicated the stick rebound from a snare drum, paving the way for valuable practice with your RealFeel pad. Put your chops to work, with the Evans RealFeel Mountable Practice Pad.

Evans RealFeel Mountable Practice Pad Features:
  • 8mm threaded insert for cymbal-stand mounting (no threading on 12" model)
  • Foam bottom for table-top or snare-top practice
  • Natural gum feel delivers realistic stick rebound