Gibson T-Type Neck Pickup, Nickel
Gibson T-Type Neck Pickup, Nickel

Gibson T-Type Neck Pickup, Nickel

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The golden era of Gibson tone returns with the Gibson Pickup Shop Original Collection. Paying tribute to Gibson’s iconic past, the Original Collection houses the coveted ’57 Classics, P-90s, Burstbuckers, and more that have shaped sound across all generations and genres of music.

The T-Type humbucker™ pickups are a nod to the T-Top pickups that Gibson made between 1966 – 1979. T-Type pickups use polysol wire and Alnico 5 magnets just like the original T-Tops, which are still some of the most popular pickups Gibson has ever made and a favorite of many of today’s top players. The T-Type pickups have nickel covers and balanced coils, and like the originals, they are left unpotted for vintage-correct tone.


  • Alnico 5 magnets
  • Average DC Resistance: 7.3K
  • Position: Neck
  • Double Black Bobbins with Nickel Cover
  • Wiring: 2-Conductor
  • Unpotted
  • A tribute to the original T-Top pickups made in the 60s and 70s. Balanced coils and clear, dynamic, vintage tone.


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