Novation Launchpad X
Novation Launchpad X

Novation Launchpad X

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The new generation of the classic Novation 64-pad Ableton Live controller boasts an even slimmer design than the last, and adds a wealth of new features, including velocity and pressure sensitivity, Note and Scale Modes, Capture MIDI, USB-C connectivity and more. The most affordable solution for recording expressive beats, melodies and ideas in Ableton Live without touching your mouse. Launchpad X is the must-have Ableton controller for performers and producers who need quick access to clip and scene launching, and essential performance controls. Made to perform Launchpad X offers more hands-on control than ever, so you can spend more time working on Launchpad and less with your mouse. 64 RGB velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads make for Novation's most expressive grid yet, while Drum and Note Modes enable automatic switching between percussive and melodic instrument control, and the dedicated Record button lets you capture your performances effortlessly. Four Custom Modes also facilitate configuration of Launchpad X (using the free Components application) for the control of anything MIDI, making it a versatile controller hub for your entire studio. Never lose an idea Never hit a wrong note or lose a great idea again! Launchpad X’s new Scale Mode filters out all notes not in your chosen key, while pressing the Capture MIDI button retrospectively records every note recently played in Ableton Live when not in Record mode, allowing you to step away from the computer and focus on your performance. Total integration You perform better when you’re not looking at the screen or touching the mouse, and Launchpad X integrates seamlessly with Ableton Li
  • Velocity- and pressure-sensitive eight-by-eight RGB pads: 64 of our biggest RGB pads yet, now fully velocity- and pressure-sensitive.
  • Ableton Live Integration: control Stop, Solo and Mute; tweak Volume, Pans and Sends; launch clips and scenes; activate Record Arm, Record and Capture MIDI.
  • Four Custom Modes: use Launchpad X to control other software via MIDI.
  • Note and Scale Modes: Note Mode automatically switches to Drum layout when a Drum Rack is loaded in Ableton Live, while Scale mode filters notes down to your chosen scale or key – if you want it to.
  • USB-C bus-powered: plug directly into your Mac or PC.

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