Roland Juno-DS Synthesizers
Roland Juno-DS Synthesizers
Roland Juno-DS Synthesizers
Roland Juno-DS Synthesizers
Roland Juno-DS Synthesizers
Roland Juno-DS Synthesizers

Roland Juno-DS Synthesizers

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Find the perfect sound in seconds, and play for hours

Ditch the manual with the JUNO-DS. This intuitive synth series makes it easy to get up and running. Choose your favorite pro-quality sound from nine categories including piano, organ, and synth. Simply connect to an amp or PA system to share your music with the world. It's not rocket science.

The flexibility to make every gig your best performance yet

The JUNO-DS makes it easy to find your signature sound. Select the performance mode and you can set up advanced sounds like layering strings onto the acoustic piano, or assigning organ and bass to right and left hand.

No bandmates, no problem. Jam with realistic-sounding, drums, guitar and bass

When your bandmates can't make it to the rehearsal or gig, the JUNO-DS offers the perfect solution, covering the missing parts and giving you a full-band sound. Using the phrase pads, you can bring instant beats to your music by playing along with the authentic drum patterns, or copy audio data (MP3/WAV) onto the USB memory and play it back at the gig. It's a flexible feature that means you'll always have a full and professional sound "“ whether you're in a band or a solo performer.

Record, evaluate, develop; improving your band's performance

More than an instrument, the JUNO-DS is a mobile studio. With the onboard audio interface function, you can record your band via the mic input, then store the music on your computer and share with your bandmembers. It's a great feature for recording minus-one tracks, without keyboard, for home practice, or for assessing your band's performance.

Get inspired during home practice and songwriting sessions

From flash of inspiration to finished arrangement "“ get it done fast

When you're working at home, the JUNO-DS guides you from flash of inspiration to finished song, with a built-in pattern sequencer that offers up to 8-track recording for full band-style arrangements, including drums, bass, guitar and keyboard. Maybe you'll complete the track yourself "“ or take your portable JUNO-DS synth to rehearsals and let the band help finish it off.

Keep your music up to date with downloadable new sounds

The JUNO-DS's onboard tones are a great primer "“ but they're just the start. With this open-ended synth range, you can enjoy free downloads from Roland's Axial Sound Library, and give your performance a shot in the arm with tones from the famous XV-5080 Collection or EXP series.

Plug into your DAW and start making music

The JUNO-DS is the all-in-one solution for songwriters who want to write and record original material using a DAW. This flexible synth makes the process simple and cost-effective, with no need to buy an additional MIDI keyboard or audio/MIDI interface.

The smart way to control your sound and inspire your performance.

Use the same sounds as the pros

Whichever setting you choose on the JUNO-DS, you can expect pro-quality tone that sparks an inspired performance. Your next favorite sound is just a button-push away.

Access your all-time favorite sounds,
in a split second

In the heat of a live show, the JUNO-DS puts you in control. With the Favorite function, it's quick and easy to recall bespoke sounds for every song on the setlist "“ or even switch tones instantly during a song. From a simple electric piano to an epic synth swoosh featuring layer/split using up to 16 sounds simultaneously, all it takes is a press of the button.

Stand out from the crowd by developing your signature sound

The JUNO-DS is the smart way to bring personality into your music. It's easy to import audio data "“ including sound effects, drum patterns or vocal phrases "“ then assign these sounds to each pad or key on the keyboard, ready to be triggered. Plus, by connecting a mic into the dedicated input, you can enjoy vocal effects like vocoder and auto-tune "“ and even play keyboard with the voice input from the mic.

Great music can look good too

The JUNO-DS takes your performance into the visual realm, with phrase pads that flash in response to your keyboard performance. There are 13 colors to choose from, helping you to create an onstage atmosphere to match your songs.

Expect pro-quality sound and enhanced performance
from the JUNO-DS.

Roland JUNO-DS Synthesizer Series"”Simply Creative

Whether you're working on a song idea in your room, recording a track in the studio, or playing a gig on stage, the lightweight JUNO-DS61, JUNO-DS76, and JUNO-DS88 synthesizers will inspire creativity and take your music wherever you go. 

Here's how to choose the JUNO-DS model that suits you.

JUNO-DS61 | 61 keys

If you mostly play organ, synth or other keyboard sounds, and need an instrument that's easy to transport to gigs or rehearsals, the JUNO-DS61 is ideal. With a compact weight of just 5.3 kg, you won't find a more portable pro keyboard.

JUNO-DS76 | 76 keys

If you mostly play organ, synth, and other keyboard sounds with multiple splits, the JUNO-DS76 and its 76-note keyboard is a perfect option. And with a weight of just 15.25 lb./6.9 kg, its portability is second to none.

JUNO-DS88 | 88 keys

If you mostly play acoustic piano, or want electric piano sounds, the JUNO-DS 88 is the perfect choice. Expect the authentic feel of a traditional piano, with an 88-note Ivory Feel G keyboard that provides weighted-action in a lightweight design.