Zildjian 14" K Hi-Hat (Pair)

Zildjian 14" K Hi-Hat (Pair)

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Solid-sounding Hats Anyone Can Love!

This Zildjian 14" K Series hi-hat pair of cymbals lets you tap into the wonderfully expressive K Series sound. Originally developed by Kerope Zildjian in 19th Century Turkey, the deep, dry, and shimmering sound of K Series cymbals has been a mainstay of jazz drumming, finding favor among such legendary drummers as Art Blakey, Elvin Jones, and Tony Williams. Thanks to its medium top/heavy bottom configuration, you can count or your 14" K Series hi-hat pair to deliver a solid "chick" sound and a low-pitch open ring with fast decay. Discover a whole new range of hi-hat sound - get your Zildjian 14" K Series hi-hat pair of cymbals today.

Cast bronze cymbals provide premium tone and projection

Made from a secret alloy (comprised of copper, tin, and traces of silver), this Zildjian 14" K Series hi-hat pair was individually cast and shaped via a complex sequence of heating, rolling, shaping, hammering, and lathing. It's painstaking techniques and traditional methods like this that give each Zildjian 14" K Series hi-hat pair its unique tone and broad range of expression. Cast bronze cymbals such as the 14" K Series hi-hat pair present you with a rich, full-bodied sound that only improves with age. They also provide you with exceptional projection, clarity, and durability that far outstrips most other cymbals.

Zildjian 14" K Series Hi-hat Pair Cymbals Features:
  • A great set of hi-hats for jazz and other contemporary musical styles
  • Hammered and lathed surface allows sound to ring out with full dynamic expression
  • Traditional finish looks stunning and patinas naturally
  • Perfect for players of all skill levels
  • Made using traditional techniques developed in the 19th century by Kerope Zildjian
This Zildjian 14" K Series hi-hat pair gives you the solid sound and expression you need!

Tech Specs

  • Type:Hi-hats
  • Size:14"
  • Finish:Traditional
  • Top Weight:Medium
  • Bottom Weight:Medium Heavy
  • Material:B20, Cast Bronze
  • Sound:Medium/Dark
  • Volume:General
  • Sustain:Medium
  • Pitch:Low/Medium
  • Balance:Blend
  • Bell Size:Small

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